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Who we are

The ISC3 is an international centre promoting and developing sustainable chemistry solutions worldwide. Chemistry is facing the biggest challenge in its history: Basically, it has to reinvent itself in order to progress towards sustainable chemistry and a circular economy. This implies new business opportunities, jobs, and a key contribution to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The ISC3 is a globally acting institution, multi-stakeholder platform and think tank. more

ISC3 promotes start-ups and sustainable innovation

Innovations in Sustainable Chemistry offer solutions that touch every part of our daily lives – and can solve global challenges. With its Global Start-up Service, the ISC3 supports ideators and start-ups with a wide range of services to successfully realize their ideas and business models.

Start-up of the month: Blockchainar – Taking action towards green energy

Female-led start-up from Argentina, Blockchainar, is working on development of modular electrolytic cells to convert the solar and wind energy produced in different parts of Argentina into green hydrogen right in the production place. This enables a decentralised and longer-term energy storage and distribution in rural areas, offering an alternative to fossil-fuel-powered power plants. Besides that, the start-up uses blockchain´s smart contracts to create carbon neutral certificates for green energy solutions. For these reasons, Blockchainar has been chosen as our Start-up of the Month for June 2022.


Women in Sustainable Chemistry: "Go Toxic Free"

Anna  Turns specialises in writing about sustainability, from climate change and renewable energy to marine issues, food and farming. She teaches journalism students at Plymouth Marjon University and helps them to build their portfolios, find their niche and develop their content creation skills on paper, on screen and on radio. Her first book, Go Toxic Free: Easy and Sustainable Ways to Reduce Chemical Pollution was published in January 2022. Read the full interview here.


The International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Valorisation & Management. Contest applications will be accepted until April 19, 2022. The winner of the Innovation Challenge 2021/2022 will be awarded a monetary prize of 15,000 EUR.. [more]

Women in Sustainable Chemistry: "We need to adopt innovative approaches that will encourage and provide adequate support for women and young girls in sustainable chemistry."

Tosin George is a renewable energy professional from Nigeria, with experience in Business Operations, Project Management, Data and Business Analysis, particularly in the Solar Energy sector. Tosin co-founded Shobab Energy in December 2020. Shobab Energy uses waste from palm oil production as biomass resource in combination with a Solar Photovoltaic system to ensure access to modern energy systems, providing access for 1.776 million people across oil palm communities in southern Nigeria. Read more.

ISC3 Global Start-up Service

The ISC3 Innovation Hub has launched the Global Start-up Service, the world’s first programme providing holistic support to Sustainable Chemistry innovators globally. The service is aimed at entrepreneurs along the entire innovation chain: ideators, early-stage innovators and advanced entrepreneurs who have the potential to solve the most urgent challenges in a sustainable and inclusive way. more