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Innovative solutions to combat and prevent pollution in the areas of mobility, energy, urbanisation, and agriculture very often originate in the chemical sector, its research community and in start-up companies. Examples are the replacements for fossil fuels, new energy storage systems and new construction and insulation materials. However, innovative solutions do not find their way easily to the markets.

The ISC3 Innovation Hub initiates and supports sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in the chemical and chemicals-related sectors. Acting as an innovation promoter, the ISC3 Innovation Hub aims to shape the transformation towards sustainability across countries and along value chains whenever chemicals are applied. Jointly with a global network of partners, the ISC3 catalyses tech transfer from science to industry and between regions and countries. At the heart of the innovation activities lies the ISC3 Global Start-up Service with its goal of supporting entrepreneurs in becoming Sustainable Chemistry Changemakers. The ISC3 Innovation Challenge highlights outstanding projects from all over the world and promotes the most promising innovations in the field of sustainable chemistry.

ISC3 Global Start-up Service

Start-ups are a unique source of knowledge and innovation that can contribute to a more sustainable future. In order to help innovators related to Sustainable Chemistry succeed in different stages of development, the ISC3 Innovation Hub launched the Global Start-up Service, the world’s first programme providing holistic support to Sustainable Chemistry innovators globally. The Service targets entrepreneurs along the entire innovation chain: ideators, early-stage innovators and advanced entrepreneurs who have the potential to solve urgent challenges of sustainable and inclusive development.

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Ideas-Competition for Start-Ups based in Brazil

Ideas-Competition for Sustainable Chemistry Start-ups in Brazil: Access labs and equipment to advance your business idea or model

By developing new materials, products, processes and business models, Green and Sustainable Chemistry innovators play a key role in enabling a sustainable future and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Access to scientific equipment, lab space, and services is crucial to advance new business ideas and models and bring sustainable chemistry innovations to market. At the same time, availability of these spaces and equipment is often scarce and develops into a bottleneck for many innovative and entrepreneurial scientists.

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ISC3 Innovation Challenge

Ready, Set, be the Changemaker!

By developing new sustainable materials, products, processes and business models, chemistry plays a key role in achieving most of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and hence a sustainable future. In order to accelerate the search for solutions, the ISC3 launches the Innovation Challenge to engage, award and promote Sustainable Chemistry innovators from around the world.

The ISC3 Innovation Challenge is organized annually and focusses on a specific topic that follows the respective workstream of the ISC3. The ISC3 Innovation Challenge 2020/2021 calls for innovations in the field of  Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Valorisation & Management.

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