ISC3 – International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre

What we do

The ISC3 is a catalyst for sustainable chemistry and acts on five levels: collaboration, innovation, education, research and information. It connects stakeholders from the private sector, science and research as well as civil society and politics to develop a transformative agenda enabling sustainable chemistry to contribute to the international processes on the sound management of chemicals and waste and a pollution-free planet as well as to the implementation of a circular economy and the SDG’s.

Together with its hubs ISC3 creates a globally acting think tank and inspiring dialogues, thereby strengthening international discussion on the sound management of chemicals and waste as well as enabling co-creation and transformative collaboration on new solutions. It fosters sustainable innovation by promoting research, new business ideas and start-ups in developing countries and emerging markets as well as in industrialized countries.

Furthermore, ISC3 currently develops a research agenda on sustainable chemistry together with partners from developed and developing countries. The centre monitors trends in research and contributes to the global scientific discussion on sustainable chemistry issues. To actively shape transformation in the chemicals sector the ISC3 is setting up joint workstreams with stakeholders.

By promoting cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration the ISC3 helps to inspire decision-makers for sustainable values and raises awareness for the responsible use of chemicals and the potential of sustainable innovation – in business, politics and science.